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The Athletics STANDARD registration year runs from 1 April 2024 until 31 March 2025.  Hence a STANDARD 2024/25 season registration gives you membership for the 2024 winter cross country and road season, as well as for the summer track and field season starting from October 2024. 

However for SENIOR & MASTERS athletes (20+ and older) you can now register for a ROLLING registration which will finish exactly a year after the day you register.

Also we offer all JUNIOR primary and intermediate school athletes a FREE transfer in October to the summer junior track and field club of their choice after they complete the winter and cross country road part of the 24.25 season with ACA.

Incorporating the Athletics NZ and Athletics Auckland fees the ACA 24.25 Season Fees are as follows  

  • 7-14 years $125

  • 15-19 years old $145

  • 20-24 years old $145

  • 25 years + $165

As we have worked hard to keep registration fees low to make our ACA accessible to many, if you are financially able to we would appreciate you making a DONATION as part of the registration process.


If you have any problems or questions please email the Club administrator at


Registrations for the 2024/2025 season are now open, please click on the below button

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get by joining ACA?

EVENTS - Joining ACA gets you access to all ACA Club, Athletics Auckland and Athletics NZ events. This includes FREE access to our weekly club nights and four interclub ACA Race Nights - Fast and Furious Under Lights over the summer track and field season and 2 FREE interclub cross country events, ACA Relays and ACA Pairs over the winter distance running season. 

COACHING - we have some of the best Coaches in the country; and specialty coaching programs like the ACA Central Hub Squads and FREE access to the ACA Junior X Run Club

COMMUNITY - as part of ACA club you will be part of a team of training groups, coaching squads, friends and family who celebrate success and learn to bounce back from the challenges! We love to try our best and have fun while doing it.

FACILITIES - we are based out of the brand new Mt Smart Track in the summer track and field season and Cornwall Park Cricket Club for the winter distance running season

How much of the subscription fee goes in levies to Athletics New Zealand and to Athletics Auckland?

Approximately two-thirds of each subscription goes in levies to Athletics NZ and Athletics Auckland.  The Athletics NZ levy varies according to membership age/category from $37 to $69, while the Athletics Auckland levy is fixed at $32 per athlete of whatever age.  ACA’s Club fee component then makes up the rest of the total registration fee.

How do I benefit from the Athletics NZ and Athletics Auckland levies? 

As an affiliated club, ACA is required to pay the Athletics NZ and Athletics Auckland levies on behalf of all registered athletes.  These levies contribute to a wide range of services support that enable athletics to operate as a national sport and to provide important operational support to Clubs like ours.  You must be officially registered to participate in any national or Auckland regional cross country, road or track and field event (note you may still have to pay an additional modest entry fee per event).  If you do not want to compete at any of these national or regional events and just participate in club-organised events or training, you can join as a Social member at a reduced subscription rate.

I only want to participate in either the winter cross country/road season or the summer athletics season, not both.  Can I pay a reduced subscription?

Unfortunately, no.  This is because Athletics NZ and Athletics Auckland levies that are charged to our Club are higher for half year than full year (because of their new quarterly system).  We believe our subscription fees represent fair value even if athletes do not fully participate in both winter and summer seasons.

What's the ACA uniform, and where do I buy it?

The Club uniform is a navy blue singlet / crop top with the ACA logo.  The Club also sells navy blue shorts which are optional, and black shorts can be worn instead.  We also sell a great range of Club branded training and casual wear for athletes and supporters – including T-shirts (short and long-sleeved), hoodies, light jackets and caps.   You can order any of these items online here.
Our wonderful uniform specialist Sue Potter is at most events and can help you with what to buy.  Sue can also be contacted at Ph: 09 524 7209 or

What can I do if I’m struggling to pay the membership fee/uniform cost?

As an inclusive Club, we want to ensure everyone who wants to be involved in the great sport of athletics can do so, regardless of their personal financial circumstances.  We have an Athletes Support Fund which can assist those in financial hardship with the cost of joining ACA. If you need assistance, please get in touch in the strictest confidence with our President Simon Yarrow, ph. 021 411290,

Can juniors (aged under 15) compete with aca over the summer athletics season?

During the winter running season, ACA caters for children aged 7 to 14 within our membership. However, for summer athletics we only cater for those at secondary school or older.  Primary and intermediate school children should instead join a junior athletics club located near you.  There are five junior clubs operating within the Auckland Central Hub - Ellerslie, Eastern, Hillsborough, Roskill South and Point Chevalier.  

if your child is an ACA winter member currently at primary or intermediate school, we will transfer them for FREE in October to a junior club to participate in summer athletics. (Please note that children aged 12 or older who join a summer junior club are still welcome to come along to ACA summer club nights). This will save you having to pay national and regional levies (totaling $69) a second time in the same financial year.  Please email if you need guidance on this transfer process.
If your child is currently at secondary school, they are welcome to join ACA.  For those secondary school children wishing to compete at the Colgate Games, we have confirmed with Athletics NZ that they are eligible to compete under ACA membership.     

Why should Volunteers register?

We are always looking for people to help out across the Club and we love it when parents or supporters offer to volunteer.  By registering as a Volunteer via the online system, we can more accurately track community engagement with our Club, get you on our mailing list, and help satisfy our health and safety obligations. 

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