OPTION ONE: Register Online


New & returning members are always welcome at ACA! 

We now offer the ability to register and pay your fees on-line - we encourage you to do this as it is quicker and more efficient. Payment can be by credit/debit card or, alternatively, you can register on-line and make your payment separately to our treasurer Greg Banks (please note that if you pay separately your registration will not be active on the national database until your payment is received and processed). To proceed with on-line enrolment just click here or use the portal above.


If you have been a member of our club in the last 2-3 years your information will already be loaded on the enrolment system and you just need to logon and check that your details are correct.  Click on the 'Login' option.  Most of our current and former members will have received their logon name and password via email recently - but in any case as long as you are still using the same email address that was used when you last enrolled you can find out your login details by clicking on the 'forgot your password?' option.  An email will be sent back to the email address with the logon details.


If you are joining our club for the first time just click on the 'New Registration' tab and follow the instructions.

 If you have any problems or questions please call/email Greg Banks 09-624-1138 or

OPTION TWO: Register By Form


Joining us for 2019-2020 or to renew your membership is easy: just open, print & complete the 2019 ACA Enrolment Form (PDF format), and  mail it to our Secretary, Greg Banks, 11 Pukenui Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023, with your payment. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about your registration.

Q & A

I ran with ACA last winter - what do I do with my transponder? 

We're going to re-use the transponders issued last year, so athletes who still have these will be allocated the same registration number they had in 2017. If you want to check that your transponder still works (and we don't anticipate any issues) we can help you do this. If you can't find your transponder and need a new one, you will be charged $15.00 and receive a new number.

I'll be new to ACA in Winter 2018; how do I get my registration number and transponder?

Fear not - all new athletes will receive a transponder and a Registration Number before the season starts. This transponder will be free.

What's the ACA uniform, and where do I buy it?

ACA's wonderful uniform specialist Sue Potter is at most events with a supply of uniform items for sale. 

When does Junior Coaching start for the 2018 XC season?

Junior Coaching, for runners aged 8-14, begins in the 2nd week of April, 5.00-6.00 pm on Tuesday 10th April and Thursday 12th April. And it couldn't be easier for budding young runners to join in - we make a special effort to make newcomers feel welcome and comfortable. The venue is the Cornwall Park Cricket Club grounds, opposite the Auckland Showgrounds, Greenlane West. Runners usually assemble in the car park to the left of the driveway that leads to the Cricket Clubrooms.  ACA's Junior Coaching is very popular, so club parents willing to jog alongside the younger members will be welcomed. (It's a great way to maintain your own fitness!) 

Does my ACA subscription cover membership for both the 2018 Winter & 2017-2018 Summer seasons?

The news is good - yes, it does!