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It's King of the Mountain time

Hi everyone

Don't forget; it's King of the Mountain time. Not to mention Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess and Queen of the annual mountain challenge up One Tree Hill.

Everything you need to know about the race is right here:

DATE: Saturday, 19th August (rain or shine)

TIME: Race starts at 2.15pm

VENUE: Cornwall Cricket grounds (report to Cricket Clubrooms for race numbers)

  • Please register at the cricket clubrooms on the day (preferably 15 mins or more before the race)

  • This race is open to all ACA age groups.

  • Please wear ACA singlets – no spikes (as race is mainly run on the footpath)

  • We will need helpers as well – some marshalls and a few timekeepers – it is only one race so not very long at all

ACA will provide refreshments after the race.

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