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Alastair Prangnell: The Berlin marathon will stay with me

Hi everybody

We caught up with Alastair Prangnell after his extraordinary results in Europe, including coming first in the Mens 60+ division of the Berlin marathon. An extraordinary result.

We asked him how he achieved such great results and what comes next.

1/ How long have you been preparing for these events?

Tricky question, the decision to compete at the WMA in Spain and Berlin Marathon was made well over 12 months ago. But actually the preparation is the culmination of training over the past 7 years. Training if performed correctly is like building with blocks , the more correctly formed blocks the bigger or stronger the structure.

No Special training, although I was training with an extra layer , hat and gloves, thinking it may help when I got to Spain. But on reflection I am getting old and was feeling the cold anyway.

Just excellent coaching, Coaching is one of ACA’s greatest assets. Being more intentional in my workouts this past 4 months as this was a huge deal for me, as I may not get another opportunity . Also I had Just entered the M60 age group so this was also an incentive.

2/ You had fantastic results. What stood out to you?

Yes the 8k Cross Country , being the first race after travel ( 3 flights, 27.5hrs in the air and 6hrs in airports ), run in high midday temperatures and a delayed start by nearly an hour.

So finishing strongly in 3rd confirmed preparations. I vowed not to mention the temperature after that and was determined I could handle the heat as “good as a local”.

But the stand out race had to be the 45th running of the Berlin Marathon , over 44,000 participants, exceptional event and to be in the same race that Eliud Kipchoge set a new world best, ( albeit nearly 49 min behind ) is something that will stay with me.

3/ What comes next in your calendar.

What’s next ! Recover, build on what’s been achieved, a summer of ACA club track nights getting in the way of seniors and juniors . (They need the practice of lapping runners)

As a dream-- Boston Marathon or next World Masters Athletics Toronto 2020.

The nice thing about Masters running that although I’m getting older and slower the opposition is too !

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